CPS/WTK Mini-Workshop on Planetary Atmospheres II

This workshop is cosponsered by MEXT as "Exploratory Challenge on Post-K computer" (Elucidation of the Birth of Exoplanets [Second Earth] and the Environmental Variations of Planets in the Solar System).

Agenda (tentative)

NOTE: Titles of all talks are tentative. Order of talks may be changed.

We do not have a strict schedule. Each talk will have about 1 hour slot including discussions.

Mar. 28, 09:30 - 17:00

  • Opening remarks
  • TBD Modeling activity in GFD Dennou Club
  • Ehouarn Millour (LMD) Planetary atmosphere modeling, database
  • Margaux Vals (LMD) Mars water cycle modeling
  • Jan Vatant d'Ollone (LMD) Titan atmosphere
  • Alexandre Boissinot (LMD) Gas giant (Jovian) atmosphere simulation
  • Yuta Kawai (Kobe University) Aqua-planet simulations by the use of a coupled GCM

Mar. 29 9:30 - 17:00

  • Kuriki Murahashi (Hokkaido University) Large eddy simulation of Martian boundary layer
  • Takeshi Imamura (University of Tokyo) Observation of Venus atmosphere by Akatsuki
  • Javier Peralta (ISAS/JAXA) Spacecraft observation of Venus atmosphere
  • Yeon Joo Lee (University of Tokyo) Long-term UV albedo and solar heating variations at the Venus cloud top level
  • Maxence Lefevre (LMD) Venus mesoscale modeling
  • Hiroki Kashimura (Kobe University) Modeling of streak structure observed by Akatsuki

Mar. 30

Additional/Informal discussion

Sugimoto-san will visit CPS in the afternoon. Please contact with Sugimoto-san if you are interested in talking with him.