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Core part of the GPhys class

Visualization library

Data analysis library

Application Commands


GPhys and its components

GPhys Core Part

A GPhys object has the following structure:

           has 1
a GPhys --------- array-like data (VArray)
         | has 1
         --------- grid (Grid)
                     |  has rank
                     ------------ axis (Axis)
                                   | has 1
                                   -------- 1D position data (VArray)
                                   | has 0..
                                   -------- ancillary data (VArray)

That is, a GPhys object consists of data (whose class is VArray) and grid (whose class is Grid). The latter consists of axes (whose class is Axis), which consist of VArray objects (such as ones that have 1-dimensional grid-point position data). To use GPhys, it is useful to know these four classes.

Miscellaneous Extensions of GPhys

Miscellaneous Dependent Libraries Distributed with GPhys

External File Handlers of GPhys

Applications distributed with GPhys

To use the following, you have to require explicitly.

Application Commands