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List of slides
  1. Top page
  2. Model resluts: 2D turbulent mixing and precipitation in GCM
  3. Outline
  4. Annual mean temperature
  5. Annual mean potential temperature
  6. Key distinction between Tropics and Extratropics
  7. Zonal wind (DJF)
  8. Zonal wind (JJA)
  9. Meridional circulation
  10. Isentropic mass stream function
  11. Angular momentum conserving wind and 200mb zonal wind
  12. Conservation low of atmospheric angular momentum
  13. Zonal mean wind and wave momentum flux
  14. Stokes' theorem
  15. Kelvin's circulation theorem
  16. Vorticity conservation on Polar cap
  17. Barotropic Rossby wave
  18. Energy propagation of Rossby wave
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