How to use SPMODEL ?

Step 0: Install required library

Install Required softwares. If you use Debian GNU/Linux (i386, amd64), binary packages can be used.

Step 1: Install spml library

Install SPMODEL library (spml). Please read install guide INSTALL.html. If you use Debian GNU/Linux (i386,amd64), binary packages can be used.

Step 2: Use demo and sample programs

Please compile the demonstration program at gallery and execute. If installation of spml library is succeeded, spmfrt command can be use to compile.

$ spmfrt hogehoge.f90
$ ./a.out

Output data format is gtool4/netCDF convection. Gpview which is one of the dennou ruby products is useful for displaying gtool4/netCDF binary data.

If it is succeeded in executing the demonstration program, download, compile and execute SPMODEL sample programs.

Farther Step

Please change the sample program, and enjoy writing the program for yourself referring to the tutorial of SPMODEL programming manner (Be preparing it now), or our article on the online journal of Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics,