This document is tutorial for performing experiments easily with DCPAM5.

As an aside, "GOKURAKU" means "easiest".

Building DCPAM5

Build DCPAM5 referring to DCPAM5 Installation Guide. Work until "Compile source code" in "How to build".

After building, executable files dcpam_main, init_data, sst_data are created under "src/main" directory. Some NAMELIST files (with suffix ".conf") are prepared in in "exp_setup_files" directory.

$ ls exp_setup_files



Notes about some compilers

Notes about some compilers that are done the operation check or have done are as follows.

Read it through if the following operation check doesn't go well, because it is likely to apply about other compilers.

Execution of experiments

List described below is descriptions on procedures for performing DCPAM5 test experiments. For beginners, performing one experiment (for example, Baroclinic wave experiment by Polvani et al. (2004)) is recommended following procedures described in each page.

All experiments using DCPAM5 are performed with the following four steps:

  • Preparation of directory for an experiment
  • Preparation of initial condition
  • Preparation of additional data for experiments
    • Additional data mean data of sea surface temperature (SST), topography, ozone distribution
  • Execution of experiments

Note that the preparation of directory for an experiment is not necessary required. Here, a directory is created to isolate configuration files and result files in an experiment from those from another one.

In the followings, methods for performing several experiments are described.

Baroclinic wave experiment by Polvani et al. (2004)

A method to perform a baroclinic wave experiment by Polvani et al. (2004) is described here.

Dynamical core experiment by Held and Suarez (1994)

A method to perform dynamical core experiment proposed by Held and Suarez (1994) is described here.

Aqua planet experiment by Neale and Hoskins (2000)

A method to perform an aqua planet experiment (planetary surface is covered by watar) proposed by Neale and Hoskins (2000) is described here.

Experiment for the Earth

A method to perform an experiment for the Earth is described here.

Mars experiment

A method to perform a Mars experiment is described here.

Mars experiment (Vertical 1-dimensional experiment)

A method to perform a Mars experiment is described here.

Experiment for Venus-like planet

A method to perform an experiment for Venus-like planet by using forcing by Yamamoto and Takahashi (2003) is described here.

First step analysis and visualization

Please see here for simple analysis and visualization.

Change experimental setup

Ways how to change several experimental setup is described here.


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