dcpam Development History


  • A compile script for debian is changed.
  • Some documents are updated.


  • A compile script for debian is changed.


  • unused variables are deleted
  • etc.


  • update document
  • correct descriptions of some output variables
  • etc.


  • update document
  • change default values in sample configuration files
  • etc.


  • update document
  • change a default value of flag in src/phy_implicit/phy_implicit_sdh_V5.f90


  • update configuration files for tutorial
  • some bug fixes
  • ice model is implemented


  • some bug fixes
  • some updates


  • some bug fixes
  • some updates


  • Bug fix in a dcpam_main.f90
  • Update some documents


  • a lot of updates


  • some updates


  • a lot of updates


  • a lot of updates


  • a lot of updates


  • a lot of updates


  • use _DP for double precision literal
  • use double precision constants instead of single precision constants.

2014/03/14 (Tag: dcpam5-20140314)

  • Document update

2014/02/18 (Tag: dcpam5-20140218)

  • Minor updates

2014/02/04 (Tag: dcpam5-20140204)

  • Bug fix
  • Add some codes for future extention

2013/10/07 (Tag: dcpam5-20131007)

  • Various updates

2013/09/21 (Tag: dcpam5-20130921)

  • Various updates

2013/03/02 (Tag: dcpam5-20130302)

  • Bug fix
  • Typo fix

2013/02/19 (Tag: dcpam5-20130219)

  • Introduction of semi-Lagrange tracer transport calculation
  • Test implementation of solver for simultaneous linear equations composed of turbulent mixing, surface thermal budget, and soil thermal conduction equations
  • Bug fix

2012/11/29 (Tag: dcpam5-20121129)

  • Fix typos
  • Test implementation of several routines (those are commented out, now)

2012/11/10 (Tag: dcpam5-20121110)

  • Update calculation method of cloud model.
  • Create test version of a new cloud model.
  • Update time filter.

2012/10/08 (Tag: dcpam5-20121008)

  • Update documents mainly.

2012/09/22 (Tag: dcpam5-20120922)

  • A bug for output of adust-related variable is fixed.

2012/09/21 (Tag: dcpam5-20120921)

  • Significant updates.

2012/03/01 (Tag: dcpam5-20120726)

  • Several updates.

2012/03/01 (Tag: dcpam5-20120301)

  • Typos are fixed.

2012/02/29 (Tag: dcpam5-20120229)

  • Typos are fixed.

2012/02/26 (Tag: dcpam5-20120226)

  • Notable improvements

2010/10/08 (Tag: dcpam5-20101008)

  • Notable improvements

2009/04/05 (Tag: dcpam5-20090405)

  • README is created.
  • "src/SRC_LIST" that is a document about directory structure under "src" is created.
  • Top directory is arranged.
    • Some scripts and Makefiles are moved to subdirectories.
  • Some documents for maintenance of dcpam5 are created.

2009/03/19 (Tag: dcpam5-20090319)

  • radiation_band is improved.
    • Input/Output of a restart file is available.
  • A method of refering to a MPI library is changed from "include mpif.h" to "use mpi".
  • ground_file_io is improved.
    • Parallel data I/O is supported.

2009/03/17 (Tag: dcpam5-20090317)

  • A problem that restart is not performed correctly is fixed.
  • Variables that are allocated with ALLOCATE function are deallocated when the program is finished.
  • phy_implicit is modified.
    • Arguments of "PhyImplTendency" is changed. "PhyImplTendency" receives not radiation fluxes on surface but whole radiation fluxes.
    • A part of codes for calculation of implicit matrices of velocity, temperature, specific humidity is arranged.
  • auxiliary is modified.
    • Exner function is calculated in a subroutine "AuxVars".
    • OPTIONAL attribute is added to arguments that return from a subroutine "AuxVars".

2009/03/06 (Tag: dcpam5-20090306)

  • RakuRaku dcpam5 is improved.
  • Components of initial data is changed.
  • Names of some variables in a dynamical process dynamics_hspl_vas83 are changed.
  • A way of switching from APE to Held and Suarez (1994) benchmark test is changed.
  • Items in prepared sample NAMELIST files are arranged.

2009/02/25 (Tag: dcpam5-20090225-2)

2009/02/18 (Tag: dcpam5-20090218-1)

  • Codes for output of vertical diffusion fluxes, surface fluxes, radiation fluxes are modified.
  • Matrices for implicit scheme of physical processes are capsuled in phy_implicit module.
  • An error about handlings of interval of calculation of radiation fluxes is modified.
  • Restart data is output when a calculation is finished.
  • A module "intpol_half" that provides subroutines for interpolation of temperature on half sigma level, and calculation pressure and height is renamed to auxiliary.
  • Utilities for development are improved.
    • Makefile etc.
      • "depend" is updated automatically when source files are compiled.
      • Irrelevant error messages when "make clean" are rejected.
      • A variable "DCPAMDIR" is removed in "Config.mk", and a working directory can be moved easily.

2009/01/26 (Tag: dcpam5-20090126)

  • General modification
    • "dcpam_ape.F90" and "dcpam_hs94.F90" are integrated to dcpam_main.F90. (See RakuRaku dcpam5 for selection)
    • A bug that surface temperature is not fixed with surface temperature fix settings (for example, aqua planet experiments with SST fix) is fixed.
    • Errors that "(geo-potential) height" is described "get-potential" wrongly are fixed. Variable names are modified from "GetPot" to "Height".
    • Geography data is loaded from not dynamics_hspl_vas83, but ground_file_io, and the data is shared with each process.
    • "OLR", "OSR", "SLR", "SSR" are output in radiation_band module.
  • dynamics_hspl_vas83 is modified.
    • Erroneous notations "average temperature" are modified to "reference temperature". Variable names are modified from "TempAvrXY" to "RefTemp".
    • Reference temperature can be loaded from NAMELIST.
  • phy_implicit is modified.
    • A name of subroutine "PhyImplFluxCorrect" that is worked for output of fluxes in nature is changed to "PhyImplFluxOutput".
    • Fluxes are output in this module.
    • A subroutine "RadiationCorrect" that calculates radiation flux at t+Dt from the tendency at t-Dt is moved from radiation_band module to "phy_implicit" module and renamed to "PhyImplEvalRadLFluxA".
    • Scheme of correction of longwave flux is moved from subroutine "IntegralSurfTemp" in module intg_surftemp to subroutine "PhyImplFluxOutput" in module "phy_implicit".
      • Corrected longwave flux is output in subroutine "PhyImplFluxOutput".
  • radiation_band is modified.
    • A subroutine "RadiationCorrect" that calculates radiation flux at t+Dt from the tendency at t-Dt is moved from "radiation_band" module to phy_implicit module and renamed to "PhyImplEvalRadLFluxA".

2008/11/29 (Tag: dcpam5-20081129)

  • dcpam_main is modified.
    • Some history output variables (OLR, SSR, etc.) are added.
  • Some contents ("Visualization", "Refer configuration", "Change configuration", etc.) are added to RakuRaku dcpam5
  • Codes of calculation of saturation specific humidity in Tetens (1930) are added.

2008/11/18 (Tag: dcpam5-20081118)

  • A problem that a binary file of sst_data is not created by "make" is fixed.
  • dcpam_main, cumulus_adjust, lscond are changed.
    • Summation of rain of cumulus parameterization scheme and rain of large scale condensation scheme are output from a main program.
    • Some history data like as "OLR", etc. can be output additionally.
  • Short wave incoming is separated from "radiation_band" and packaged as "radation_short_income".

2008/11/09 (Tag: dcpam5-20081109-1)

  • dcpam_main is modified.
    • Surface temperature can be changed.
    • intg_surftemp is imported from AGCM5.
  • A mechanism of input/output of restart data of surface temperature is added.
  • A main program and a NAMELIST file for generation of initial data is created.
  • A main program and a NAMELIST file for generation of surface data is created.
  • A subroutine corrects fluxes for implicit scheme of physical processes in AGCM5 are imported to phy_implicit as a subroutine "PhyImplFluxCorrect".
  • negative_moist is modified.
    • Error is returned when negative moist can not be removed.

2008/10/08 (Tag: dcpam5-20081008)

  • Date of start of calculation can be output to data.
  • Time is controlled by not number of step but variables of time types ("DC_DIFFTIME" or "DC_DATETIME" in gtool5 library).

2008/09/25 (Tag: dcpam5-20080925)

  • Data input/output library is changed from gt4f90io to gtool5.
  • Prediction variables are output not time filtered.
  • DO LOOP of time integration is controlled by not number of step but time.

2008/08/12 (Tag: dcpam5-20080812)

  • Dynamical core is implemented.
  • Large scale condensation scheme is implemented.
  • Dry convective adjustment process is implemented.
  • Surface flux process is implemented.
  • Time filter (Asselin, 1972) is implemented.
  • A utility for elimination of negative moisture is implemented.
  • A module for ground data file input is created.
  • A physical process for forcing and dissipation suggested by Held and Suarez (1994) is implemented.
  • Main program for Held and Suarez (1994) benchmark test is implemented.

2008/08/04 (Tag: dcpam5-20080804)

  • Programming style is considerably changed from "dcpam4".
  • Under construction.
    • Only radiation, vertical diffusion, cumulus parameterization (moist adjust) are implemented.

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