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Precautionary statement and Licence terms

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Licence terms

Please see COPYRIGHT.

About Citation

Please see licence document.

When you publish your scientific/technological work in which dcpam5-primitive is used, please refer to our work in the following way:

Shin-ichi Takehiro, Takahashi,O.Y., Odaka,M., Ishiwatari, M., Nakajima, K., Hayashi,Y.-Y., dcpam5-primitive devlopment Group, 2011: dcpam5-primitive: a dynamical core of a planetary atmosphere model, http://www.gfd-dennou.org/library/dcpam/, GFD Dennou Club.

Development Group members

FY 2011

Shin-ichi Takehiro
Programming Advice
Yoshiyuki O. TAKAHASHI, Masatsugu ODAKA, Masaki Ishiwatari, Kensuke NAKAJIMA, Yoshi-Yuki HAYASHI
Shin-ichi Takehiro

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