Copyright and License

All the resources of SPMODEL are released as Free Software, copyrighted by SPMODEL Development Group. Please read COPYRIGHT in detail.

Use of SPMODEL is permitted under the principle of "NO WARRANTY" and "NO RESPONSIBILITY". SPMODEL Development Group shall not be liable for any event arising in any way out of the use of these resources. Redistribution in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is also permitted provided that the above copyright notice, disclaimer and this condition are retained.


Please be aware that the fact that these programs are released as Free Software does not excuse you from scientific propriety, which obligates you to give appropriate credit.

If you write a scientific paper describing research that made substantive use of these programs, it is your obligation as a scientist to (a) mention the fashion in which this software was used with a citation to the literature or (b) mention this software in the Acknowledgements section.

Takehiro, S., SASAKI, Y., Ishioka, K., Odaka, M., Takahashi, Y.O., Nakajima, K., Ishiwatari, M., Hayashi, Y.-Y., SPMODEL Development Group, 2013: Hierarchical Spectral Models for GFD (SPMODEL),, GFD Dennou Club.

When you have to refer only an article of a refereed journal, please cite our ariticle of online journal of Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics as follows:

Takehiro, S., Odaka, M., Ishioka, K., Ishiwatari, M., Hayashi, Y.-Y., 2006: SPMODEL: A Series of Hierarchical Spectral Models for Geophyiscal Fluid Dynamics, Nagare Multimedia 2006,