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About deepconv

What is deepconv?

Deepconv is two-dimensional numerical model of anelastic fluid. It is developed by Kensuke Nakajima in 1994 for numerical simulation of cumulus convection in Earth atmosphere. Its Mars version is developed by Masatsugu Odaka in 2000. Both are uploded on GFD-Dennou Club WWW in 2000.

Copyright and citation

Copyright of deepconv is holed by programmers of deepconv and GFD-Dennou Club. For academic and educational purposes, use, copy and modification of deepconv are permitted as long as you don't try to pretend that you wrote it. Programming bug and uploading of modified source code are please reported to kensuke Nakajima or Masatugu Odaka.

Any products obtained by use of deepconv must include following citation.

An example of refereces list is as follows.

Developers list

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