Package for Windows

This package is including Ruby-DCL C-DCL(with gtk) NetCDF Ruby-NetCDF NArray NArray-Miss Ruby-DCL Ruby-gtk3 Ruby-NetCDF, GPhys,GSL, Ruby-GSL, FFTW3, Ruby-FFTW3, Emacs, gfortran, Fortran-DCL, HDF5,Ruby-HDF To build ext library , Use MinGW (Included). openssl,sqlite3,HDF5EOS5 are included only in 0.61. And pacman and gem are also useful. If you have some question, please ask to

dennou-Ruby Installation : Install all Component

NumRu-0.72(2021/01/27 ver. Ruby3.0.0)

NumRu-0.71(2021/01/22 ver. Ruby2.6.0)

NumRu-0.61(2016/06/21 ver.)

Note:change from 0.60: DCL7 is abailable to use System Fonts.

Note:change from 0.57: DCL6 is changeing Device Driver. Device Number is changed.

Note:change from 0.44: Fixed a install script's bug.gfdNavi is not included. narray Updated. This version can work on Windows Vista/7/8.(Not include or cannot work with VTk)

Download and Double Click are all you need to do.
click [Start] -> [All programs] -> [Numru] -> [Numru Prompt]