ABC Project/CPS Workshop on Climates of Terrestrial Planets in Various Solar Systems

IMPORTANT: Venue has been changed.


Feb. 11th - 12th, 2020


The scope of the workshop is to gather scientists working on modeling and observations of exoplanets, and discuss a variety of nature of climate on exoplanets.


Venue has been changed to CPS.

Participants from abroad

  • Yongyun Hu (Peking University) [via Network Connection (zoom)]
  • Jun Yang (Peking University) [via Network Connection (zoom)]
  • Takanori Kodama (Universite de Bordeaux)
  • Martin Turbet (Geneva Astronomical Observatory)


  • Feb 11 (Tue.)
    • 10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks
    • 10:10-11:10 Arihiro Kamada (Tohoku Univ.), Evolution of hydrological and glaciological activities on early Mars before late Tharsis formation
    • 11:30-12:30 Takeshi Kuroda (Tohoku Univ.), Development of a radiation code for a paleo-Mars GCM and beyond
    • 12:30-14:00 Lunch
    • 14:00-15:00 Martin Turbet (Geneva Astronomical Observatory), Characterizing the atmospheres and climates of nearby Earth-sized, temperate exoplanets
    • 15:15-16:15 Yongyun Hu (Peking Univ.) [via Network Connection (zoom)], The ozone layer over tidally locked exoplanets around M dwarfs and biosignature detection
    • 16:15-17:15 Jun Yang (Peking Univ.) [via Network Connection (zoom)], Hurricanes and ocean circulation on tidally locked terrestrial planets
    • 17:30-18:30 Yasushi Suto (Univ. of Tokyo) [via Network Connection (zoom)], Lessons from Mars and Earth for future explorations of bio-signatures from earth-like planets
    • 18:30- Reception
  • Feb 12 (Wed.)
    • 10:00-11:00 Masaki Ishiwatari (Hokkaido Univ.), Existence conditons of surface water on aquaplanet and landplanet
    • 11:15-12:15 Takanori Kodama (Universite de Bordeaux), Climates for planets with small amount of water
    • 12:30-14:00 Lunch
    • 14:00-15:00 Yuta Nakagawa (Univ. of Tokyo), Planetary obliquity from frequency modulation of direct imaged light curve: mock observation and analysis from GCM simulation of an Earth-like planet
    • 15:15-16:15 Hajime Kawahara (Univ. of Tokyo), Global mapping and Surface Compositions of an Earth-like Exoplanet from Direct Imaging
    • 16:30-17:30 Yasunori Hori, Do ExoEarths Have Primordial or Secondary Atmospheres?


All participants are expected to make registration using following URLs. Deadline for registration is Feb. 2nd. (JST) .

  • You need CPS server account before making workshop regitstratin.
    • CPS server account can be apllied form here.
  • Workshop registration page is here.

Organizing Committee

  • Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi (Kobe University)
  • Masaki Ishiwatari (Hokkaido University)
  • Fumihiko Usui (Kobe University)
  • Hiroki Kashimura (Kobe University)
  • Yoshiyuki O. Takahashi (Kobe University)
  • Naoko Nakanishi (Kobe University)


This workshop is supported by Astrobiology Center (ABC) and Center for Planetary Science (CPS).