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List of slides
  1. Basic description
  2. Estimation of mean density of the Earth
  3. Temperature distribution in the Earth's interior
  4. Schematic figure of the Earth's interior
  5. Inge Lehmann
  6. Structure of the Earth's interior
  7. PREM model
  8. Mass and composition of the Earth's core
  9. Laboratory experiment of compositional convection
  10. Schematic figure of the compositional convection
  11. Configuration of the experiment
  12. Radius of the solid inner core
  13. Large scale motion in the solid mantle
  14. Stoke flow with buoyancy
  15. Radius of blob
  16. Plume in laboratory experiment (1)
  17. Plume in laboratory experiment (2)
  18. Darcy's law
  19. Schematic figure of volcano (1)
  20. Schematic figure of volcano (2)
  21. Composition of magma
  22. Density of magma
  23. Viscosity and rheology of magma
  24. Schematic figure of magma chamber
  25. Volcano in Scotland
  26. Volcanic lava flow and geologist in Hawaii
  27. Laboratory experiment simulating magma chamber
  28. Cross section of olivin crystal
  29. Crystallization
  30. Lava flow along linear crack
  31. Lava lake on Hawaii
  32. Lava flow near houses
  33. Lava dome of Mt. St. Helens
  34. Nickel in komatiite
  35. Pyroclastic flow of Mt. Pinatubo
  36. Volcanic plume of Mt. St. Helens
  37. Mid-ocean ridge vent
  38. Volcanic plume of Mt. Redoubt
  39. Pyroclastic flow in New Zealand
  40. Pyroclastic flow of Mt. St. Helens
  41. Summary
  42. References
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