Fluid Dynamics in Earth and Planetary Sciences (FDEPS)  First FDEPS Workshop  Dec 6 - 10, 1999  Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo


Lecture Series
Waves, turbulence and mean-flow generation in geophysical flows
Dr. P.H. Haynes (DAMTP, Cambridge University)

Lecture Plan

Comments from Dr. P. Haynes:

Note that the above schedule is quite ambitious -- the pace will have to be faster than the standard courses that I teach here (and in which the students have to take an examination), but it will be slower than the pace in a research seminar. Of course when I actually put the lecture material together it may be necessary to make some changes -- I hope that won't matter too much.

Here are some things that I would NOT be able to go through in detail with the above schedule:

- potential vorticity and potential vorticity inversion
- derivation of the quasigeostrophic equations
- idea of beta plane
- basics of waves and instability, group velocity, normal modes, growth rates as eigenvalues

I will use 2DVD system as a paradigm and then probably write down the quasigeostrophic equations, noting the similarity in structure, but without formal derivation. I might want to discuss aspects of barotropic and baroclinic shear instability without having worked through example problems such as the Eady problem in detail.

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