Fluid Dynamics in Earth and Planetary Sciences (FDEPS)

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Workshop on Fluid Dynamics in Earth and Planetary Sciences (FDEPS)

This workshop is held on a once-a-year basis to discuss various aspects of fluid dynamics in the fields of earth and planetary sciences. The aim is to promote fluid dynamics to present a function as one of the fundamental languages to describe and understand the geophysical phenomena. Intensive discussion between the researchers in the fields of mathematics, fluid dynamics, computer sciences, and earth and/or planetary sciences is greatly encouraged.

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Lecture and Seminar

  • Dynamics of geophysical vortices and jets (tentative)
    • Lecture 1: Review of geophysical fluid dynamics
      • Basic approximations
      • Vertical structures
      • Quasi-geostrophy
      • Non-QG effects
      • Contour dynamics
    • Lecture 2: Hamiltonian methods for finding equilibria and nonlinear stability
      • Hamiltonian formulation of equations
      • Casimir invariants
      • QG and contour dynamics
      • Stability
      • Equilibria - synthetic annealing and Dirac constraints
    • Lecture 3: Vortices - structure and propagation
      • Gulf Stream and Kuroshio rings (and others)
      • Cyclo-geostrophic balance
      • Beta-gyres
      • Integral constraints
      • Modons
    • Lecture 4: Jets - stability and nonlinear stability
      • Gulf Stream, Kuroshio, North Brazil Current, Agulhas Current, ...
      • Meandering
      • Stabilization
      • Ring formation
      • Diagnostics of baroclinic amplification
    • Lecture 5: Eddies and jets
      • Jovian dynamics
      • Vertical structures
      • Losses via wave radiation
      • Merger processes
    • Research Seminar : Copepod aggregations: influences of physics and collective behavior


  • Professor Glenn Flierl (Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT, USA)


  • From Dec. 1 (Tue) to Dec. 4 (Fri), 2015.



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The materials of past FDEPS seminars are disclosed at FDEPS Archives.


  • Organizing Committee (alphabetic order):
    • HAYASHI, Yoshi-Yuki (Kobe Univ.) <chief organizer>
    • ISHIOKA, Keiichi (Kyoto Univ.)
    • ISHIWATARI, Masaki (Hokkaido Univ.)
    • TAKEHIRO, Shin-ichi (Kyoto Univ.)
    • YAMADA, Michio (Kyoto Univ.) <chief organizer>
  • Web contents organizer
    • SUGIYAMA Ko-ichiro (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Advisers (alphabetic order):
    • KIDA, Shigeo (Kyoto Univ.)
    • McIntyre, M. E. (DAMTP, Cambridge Univ.)
    • MIMURA, Masayasu (Meiji Univ. )
    • NAKAZAWA, Kiyoshi (Tokyo Inst. of Tech. )
  • Contact Address:
    • fdeps-staff at gfd-dennou.org