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This library is obsolete!!!

AdvancedDCL -- a scientific graphic library based on DCL

by N. Kawanabe, and T. Horinouchi

AdvancedDCL is a scientific graphic library based on RubyDCL, the Ruby version of the DCL library.


What's AdvancedDCL

AdvancedDCL is a graphic library to visualize numeric data. It covers wide variety of 1D and 2D graphics as well as limited 3D graphics. It is based on RubyDCL...(now underconstruction)



Before installing this library, the following libraries must have been installed.

Next, install this library with the next command (if you are using Unix):
      % ruby install.rb
      % ruby install.rb --prefix=path
Here, "%" is a "prompt"; do not type it. The option prefix can be used to change the install directory, whose default is the standard site-dependent library path of the ruby you are using. The option is especially useful if Ruby has been installed in a system directory and you are not a super-user.

Since AdvancedDCL is written entirely with Ruby, the installation involves nothing more than file copying.

Takeshi Horinouchi ()
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